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Astrophysics High Spin Neutron Capture Gamma Fission Atomic Masses Systematics
Atomic Data Elemental Data Interaction with Matter Nuclear Moments Sites of Interest

NEWS FLASH! The CD-ROM version of the 8th edition of the Table of Isotopes (Wiley-VCH, 1999) is now freely available on-line by clicking here

IE LEVELWWW Table of Nuclear Structure:
Interactively search adopted nuclear level and gamma-ray properties.
Display tables, level scheme ladder diagrams and nuclear charts.

IELBNL/LUND Isotope Explorer
Free software for interactive access to nuclear structure and decay
data from the ENSDF database. (last updated March, 2005).

TORI LBNL/LUND Table of Radioactive Isotopes
Search for alpha, beta, and gamma-ray decay data.
Lund TORI Server

NSR LBNL/LUND Nuclear Science References
Search over 160,000 references from the NSR reference
file by author, nuclide, reaction, keyword, and other data types.

LBNL Isotopes Project Nuclear Structure Systematics Home Page
Charts and graphs of nuclear structure systematics.

Education Table of Isotopes Educational Website
Periodic Table Index to the Nuclides
2001 Periodic Table of the Elements (color) (black and white)
Glossary of Nuclear Science Terms
Glossary of Astrophysics Terms
Learn About Nuclear Science

Supernova LLNL/UCSC Nuclear Astrophysics Data
Reference material and stellar nucleosynthesis reaction and
decay rates. We no longer maintain nuclear astrophysics data
at LBNL. The LBNL archival home page is available here.

Gammasphere High-Spin and Nuclear Structure Data
NEWLBNL/McMaster Table of Superdeformed Nuclear Bands
and Fission Isomers, Third Edition (Preprint, July 2002)

XUNDL Experimental Nuclear Data List

(n,g) LBNL/Isotopes Institute (Hungary)
Thermal Neutron Capture Data

Capture gamma-ray data and thermal
neutron cross sections.

Fission Fission Data
Fission yields, spontaneous fission
and 235U(n,f) prompt gamma-ray data.

Other Related Data

FissionAtomic Mass Data Experimental and
theoretical atomic masses.
Q-Value Calculator Masses and decay/reaction
Q-values based on the Audi-Wapstra 1995
Mass Table
Atomic Data Conversion coefficients, atomic binding energies,
x-ray energies and intensities.
Elemental Properties Periodic table, properties of the elements, abundances, physical constants.
Nuclear Moments Table by N.J. Stone, Oxford University, preprint (2001).
Interaction of Radiation with Matter Ranges and stopping power.

Isotopes Project Computer Code Library Free software for displaying, calculating, and evaluating nuclear data.

TOI TOI TOI   8th edition of the Table of Isotopes (1996,1998,1999).
  For information about the book and CD-ROM contact John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
        The ENSDF and NSR data files for off-line use with Isotope Explorer are published annually on the Table of Isotopes CD-ROM.

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